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The Watson McDaniel HD-Series Pilot Operated Regulators were designed for extremely accurate control of temperature and pressure in steam service applications. The HD-Series is made of Ductile Iron for extended pressure and temperature ratings. These regulators use several different control pilots, which can be attached to the valve to control pressure, temperature, or a combination of both. The different control pilots can be added or removed from the regulator body. This modular design adds to the versatility of this product. The most common options include the P-Pilot for pressure reducing, and the T-Pilot for temperature control.


Model:  HD Series
Body Material:  Ductile Iron
Max Capacity (Full Port, 6" Size): 129,750 lbs/hr
Max Operating Pressure:  300 PSIG
Sizes: 1/2" - 6"
Connections: Threaded: (1/2” - 2”), 150# FLG (1” - 6”), 300# FLG (1” - 6”)

Products > Pilot-Operated Regulators > HD Series Regulators



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