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The HSP-Series Main Valve with Integral Pressure Pilot reduces steam pressure in steam system piping mains and process applications. This pilot-operated regulator is specifically used in applications where the properties and benefits of Cast Steel are desired and/or specified. Using steel as the material of construction for the main valve body extends the temperature ranges of the regulator. A unique two-bolt pilot adapter design and field-reversible tubing offer even greater versatility to this type of regulator, further reducing maintenance downtime. These valves share the same design and proven reliability of the Watson McDaniel HD-Series Regulators, providing extremely accurate control of downstream system pressure even when inlet pressure to the regulator fluctuates or steam usage varies.


Model: HSP Series
Body Material: Cast Steel
Max Capacity (Full Port, 4" Size): 60,840 lbs/hr
Max Operating Pressure:  450 PSIG
Reduced Outlet Pressure Range: 10-300 PSIG
Sizes : 1” - 4”
Connections:  150#/ FLG, 300# FLG

Products > Pilot-Operated Regulators > HSP Series Pressure Regulators



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