HD Series Configurator

HD Series Configurator

Select the HD Main Valves and select the best choice, follow the valve with the closest capacity. The recommended choice is to use the valve with the capacity closest to your specified capacity. If noise and pipe velocity is a concern, choose two or more regulators. The primary pilot is the device that controls the HD valve body. This is a required item and is necessary for the HD valve body to function.

Please select your primary use of this regulator :-

Reducing Pressure

Pressure Control Pilots are used to reduce the inlet pressure of a fluid to a desired value at its outlet. A pressure regulator's primary function is to match the flow through the regulator to the demand placed upon it, while maintaining that constant outlet pressure. When controlling pressure, there are several options you can use for a pilot

Controlling Temperature

Temperature Control Pilot applications are made up of a temperature probe connected by a length of capillary tubing to a bellows in the pilot valve. When the temperature bulb is heated the liquid inside the probe expands the bellows and closes off the pilot valve. The opening and closing of the pilot controls the flow of steam thru the main valve; which maintains system temperature.

Controlling Temperature and Reducing Pressure

The PT & PP Pilot combination is used when it’s required to control temperature while limiting downstream pressure to a maximum value. When the PT & PP Pilot combination isused, the downstream pressure is limited to a maximum setting by the pressure pilot, while the temperature pilot maintains the correct temperature of the process.