Thermodynamic, Thermostatic, Float & Thermostatic, Inverted Bucket, Universal Connectors & Modules, Clean Steam, Bi-Metallic, Manifold, Radiator, Diffusers and Test Valves.
Standalone Non-Electric Pressure Motive Pumps, Sump Drainers, Pump-Trap Combinations, Standard & Customized Skid-Mounted Systems, Electric Condensate Pumps, Pump Accessories.
Pressure Reduction, Temperature Control, Pilot-Operated, Direct-Operated, Piston-Actuated, Back-Pressure Relief, Noise Attenuators.
Pneumatically-Actuated, Electrically-Actuated, Valve Positioners, I/P Transducer, Air Filter & Regulators, RTD & Thermocouple Temperature Sensors, Thermowells, Electronic PID Controllers.
Float Type, Guided Float Type, Other Liquid Drainer Types.
The Heat Miser is an Instantaneous Steam to Water Heater which produces hot water from steam. The Watson McDaniel fully-assembled Heat Miser eliminates the need for large hot water storage tanks and saves significant energy which is required for large standing tanks of hot water.
Check Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Strainers, Mixing Tees, Flash Tanks, Air Eliminators, Air Vents, Separators, Vacuum Breakers, Drip Pan Elbows, Ejectors, Exhaust Heads, Freeze & Scald Protection Valves, Steam Humidifiers.
Watson McDaniel Kits & Parts make it easy and economical to repair many of our products.