3-Way Control Valves

3-Way Valves

Our HB series Control Valves offer Stainless Steel bodies up to 4" in size with NPT and flanged connections.

Our valves are offered with Pneumatic Actuator with optional positioner, or an Electric Actuator.

The Pneumatic Actuator accepts an industry-standard air pressure range of 3–15 PSIG, which allows the valve to fully open and fully close and modulate in between.

The Electric Actuator features a 6-8 second actuator time (fully-open to fully-closed), super capacitors which allow Fail-Safe operation in the event of a power loss, and an integral positioner which accepts 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC control signal. Ideal for instantaneous hot water heaters.

The 3-Way HB Series are stainless steel valves (up to 4") and are used for mixing two liquid flows, or for diverting the flow of liquid to or around a device (bypass). The Pneumatically operated HB Series is also available with the Type 2000 Valve Positioner. 3-Way valves are NOT FOR use with STEAM

The 3-Way HB Series are stainless steel valves (up to 4") and user-friendly alternative to the Pneumatically-Actuated 3-Way unit. It is ideal for installations where pneumatic lines are not available. The Electric Actuator utilizes either Super Capacitors (EC) or Spring Return (ES) which allows the specified port of the 3-Way valve to fail fully-closed.

The 3-Way HB Series with SK Series Electric Actuator is stainless steel valves (up to 4") and is a robust. The response time makes them ideal for Cooling and Boiler Feed Water applications as well as On/Off HVAC Steam Control.