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3-Way Control Valves

3-Way Valves

3-way valves are used for mixing two flows together, or for diverting a flow to or around a device (bypass). In order to produce a consistent flow quantity for stable operation, the pressure drop across both flow paths (inlet to outlet) must be nearly equal. The sleeve type design is constructed with an O-ring around the sleeve. The O-ring is suitable for water or glycol type service, up to a maximum of 300°F. A higher temperature O-ring for use with other fluids, such as oil or for temperatures up to 410°F, is available.

These W910TB Series with Pneumatically-Operated can be used for mixing and diverting. Used for WATER and OTHER LIQUIDS only. 

ModelSizeTypeMax PMO (psig)Actuator TypeControl SignalBody MaterialWeight (lbs)
W910TB-A451 1/4"NPT250N/AN/ABronze19
W910TB-A561 1/2"NPT250N/AN/ABronze21
W910TB-B752 1/2"125# FLG125N/AN/ACast Iron62
W910TB-B803"125# FLG125N/AN/ACast Iron80
W910TB-B854"125# FLG125N/AN/ACast Iron140

These W910E Series with Electric-Operated can be used for mixing and diverting. Used for WATER and OTHER LIQUIDS only. 

ModelSizeTypeMax PMO (psig)Actuator TypeControl SignalBody MaterialWeight (lbs)
W910E-A18-ESA101/2"NPT250Fail-Open4 - 20 mABronze19
W910E-A25-ESA103/4"NPT250Fail-Open4 - 20 mABronze15
W910E-A34-ESA101"NPT250Fail-Open4 - 20 mABronze16
W910E-A45-ESA101 1/4"NPT250Fail-Open4 - 20 mABronze19
W910E-A56-ESA101 1/2"NPT250Fail-Open4 - 20 mABronze21
W910E-A67-ESA102"NPT250Fail-Open4 - 20 mABronze26
W910E-B75-ESA102 1/2"125# FLG125Fail-Open4 - 20 mACast Iron62
W910E-B80-ESA103"125# FLG125Fail-Open4 - 20 mACast Iron80
W910E-B85-ESA104"125# FLG125Fail-Open4 - 20 mACast Iron140
W910E-A18-ESB101/2"NPT250Fail-Closed4 - 20 mABronze19
W910E-A25-ESB103/4"NPT250Fail-Closed4 - 20 mABronze15
W910E-A34-ESB101"NPT250Fail-Closed4 - 20 mABronze16
W910E-A45-ESB101 1/4"NPT250Fail-Closed4 - 20 mABronze19
W910E-A56-ESB101 1/2"NPT250Fail-Closed4 - 20 mABronze21
W910E-A67-ESB102"NPT250Fail-Closed4 - 20 mABronze26
W910E-B75-ESB102 1/2"125# FLG125Fail-Closed4 - 20 mACast Iron62
W910E-B80-ESB103"125# FLG125Fail-Closed4 - 20 mACast Iron80
W910E-B85-ESB104"125# FLG125Fail-Closed4 - 20 mACast Iron140