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W910E Series
To learn and see more about Control Valves, Please Visit the Control Valve Section.

These W910E Series with Electric-Operated can be used for mixing and diverting. Used for WATER and OTHER LIQUIDS only. 

ModelSizeTypeMax PMO (psig)Body MaterialActuator TypeControl SignalWeight (lbs)
W910E-A18-ESA101/2"NPT250BronzeFail-Open4 - 20 mA19
W910E-A25-ESA103/4"NPT250BronzeFail-Open4 - 20 mA15
W910E-A34-ESA101"NPT250BronzeFail-Open4 - 20 mA16
W910E-A45-ESA101 1/4"NPT250BronzeFail-Open4 - 20 mA19
W910E-A56-ESA101 1/2"NPT250BronzeFail-Open4 - 20 mA21
W910E-A67-ESA102"NPT250BronzeFail-Open4 - 20 mA26
W910E-B75-ESA102 1/2"125# FLG125Cast IronFail-Open4 - 20 mA62
W910E-B80-ESA103"125# FLG125Cast IronFail-Open4 - 20 mA80
W910E-B85-ESA104"125# FLG125Cast IronFail-Open4 - 20 mA140
W910E-A18-ESB101/2"NPT250BronzeFail-Closed4 - 20 mA19
W910E-A25-ESB103/4"NPT250BronzeFail-Closed4 - 20 mA15
W910E-A34-ESB101"NPT250BronzeFail-Closed4 - 20 mA16
W910E-A45-ESB101 1/4"NPT250BronzeFail-Closed4 - 20 mA19
W910E-A56-ESB101 1/2"NPT250BronzeFail-Closed4 - 20 mA21
W910E-A67-ESB102"NPT250BronzeFail-Closed4 - 20 mA26
W910E-B75-ESB102 1/2"125# FLG125Cast IronFail-Closed4 - 20 mA62
W910E-B80-ESB103"125# FLG125Cast IronFail-Closed4 - 20 mA80
W910E-B85-ESB104"125# FLG125Cast IronFail-Closed4 - 20 mA140
I&M (pdf)
Product Overview
The W910E 3-way Electric-Actuated control valve can be used for mixing or diverting and are actuated by a 3-15 PSIG instrument air signal placed to the top of the actuator housing that will modulate the position of the valve.

3-way valves are used for mixing two flows together, or for diverting a flow to or around a device (bypass). In order to produce a consistent flow quantity for stable operation, the pressure drop across both flow paths (inlet to outlet) must be nearly equal. The sleeve type design is constructed with an O-ring around the sleeve. The O-ring is suitable for water or glycol type service, up to a maximum of 300°F. A higher temperature O-ring for use with other fluids, such as oil or for temperatures up to 410°F, is available. Consult factory.
How It Works
A control valve is comprised of an actuator mounted to a valve. The valve modulates flow through movement of a valve plug in relation to the port(s) located within the valve body. The valve plug is attached to a valve stem, which, in turn, is connected to the actuator. The pneumatic actuator directs the movement of the stem as dictated by the external control device.
Dimension and Weights


9.6 lbs.