Control Loop Accessories

Controllers and Sensors

A Control Valve is one component of a control loop and relies upon other components for proper function and operation (i.e. controller, sensor, transducer, etc.).

Valve Positioner  (Pneumatic or Electro-Pneumatic) improve control accuracy and increase maximum close-off pressure capability of the valve. Available options include Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-Proof and Digital designs.

A controller is a comparative device that receives an input signal from a measured process variable, compares this value with that of a predetermined control point value (set point), and determines the appropriate amount of output signal required by the final control element to provide corrective action within a control loop.

Converts a milliamp current signal to a linearly proportional pneumatic output pressure. It is used in the control operation of valve actuators and pneumatic valve positioners.

Recommended for filtering and regulating the pressure of plant compressed air, and for delivering clean, dry air at the proper pressure to pneumatic control devices.

The weatherproof head provides a conduit connection and is available in cast aluminum ( screw cover), polypropylene (flip cover) and stainless steel (screw cover). The stem is either welded directly to the 1/2" NPT threaded connection, or is spring-loaded. Spring load stems must always be installed in a thermowell.

For application where the process media may be corrosive or contained under pressure to prevent damage to the sensor and to facilitate the removal from the process . To prevent leakage of the process material, spring-loaded sensors must always be installed in a thermowell.