Kits & Parts

Kits & Parts

Repair kits are available for products offered by Watson McDaniel, as well as retrofit or interchangeable kits for competitor products.

Kits and parts for all steam traps: Thermodynamic, Thermostatic, Float and Thermostatic, Inverted Bucket, Clean Steam, and Bi-Metallic.
Kits and parts for all pump sizes: Pressure motive pumps, Sump drainer, Skid-Mounted systems, Combination, and Electric pums.
Kits and part for all regulators: Pilot-Op, Direct-Op, Self-Op, Piston actuated, and Back-pressure relief valves.
Kits and parts for 2 way control valve: HB series.
Kits and part for all liquid drainers: Float type, Inverted bucket type, Thermodynamic type, and Guided-Float type. 
Kits and parts for air eliminators.