WLD600-145/WLD601-145 (145PSIG & 3/4" Size)

Lever & Seat Assembly: (does not include float): (1) lever, (1) seat, (1) disc, (1) seat gasket

ModelItemSizeMax PMO (psig)
W-KIT-5-25Float & Screw3/4"145
W-KIT-6-32Lever & Seat Assembly3/4"145
W-KIT-3-23Cover Gasket3/4"145
Product Overview

WLD600/601 parts : Lever and seat assembly, cover gasket, float and screw.

Note: Reference FT600 parts section for additional detailed drawings. All internal parts of WLD600 are identical to FT600, Except WLD600 do not include a thermostat.