Pressure Motive Pump Kits

Repair kits are available for products offered by Watson McDaniel, as well as retrofit or interchangeable kits for competitor products.  To learn and see more about Pressure Motive Pumps, please visit the Pumps Section.

Rebuilt mechanism Assembly for all pumps size. The exchange program is for mechanisms within two years of service of less. The old mechanism must be returned along with the order for the rebuilt mechanism. Orders without old mechanisms will be invoiced at the new mechanism price. One time rebuild of each mechanism only. 

ModelItemFor ModelWeight (lbs)
W-KIT-910-03RRebuilt mechanism assembly for PMPC & PMPLSPMPC, PMPLS30
W-KIT-900-03RRebuilt mechanism assembly for PMPFPMPF30
W-KIT-914-03RRebuilt mechanism assembly for PMPNT & PMPSPLPMPNT, PMPSPL15
W-KIT-914-03SSRRebuilt mechanism assembly for PMPNTSPMPNTS15
W-KIT-912-03RRebuilt mechanism assembly for PMPTPMPT15
W-KIT-912-03SSRRebuilt mechanism assembly for PMPTSPMPTS15

New Assemblies and parts for PMPT, PMPTS, PMPNT, PMPNTS, and PMPSPL series. For purchasing Stainless Steel Check Valves 1/2" - 3" NPT, please see Check Valves model WSSCV, in Pipeline Accessories section.

ModelItemFor ModelWeight (lbs)
W-KIT-901-04Cover gasket for PMPMPMPM3
W-KIT-901-06Float & cover gasket for PMPMPMPM10
W-KIT-901-05Inlet & vent valve assembly for PMPMPMPM5
W-KIT-901-08Spring assembly for PMPMPMPM5
W-KIT-916-03Complete mechanism assembly for PMPM less coverPMPM5
W-KIT-911-03Complete mechanism assembly for PMPMPMPM95
W-KIT-900-03New mechanism assembly for PMPF & PMPSPPMPF, PMPC, PMPLS, PMPSP30
W-KIT-910-03New mechanism assembly for PMPC & PMPLSPMPF, PMPC, PMPLS, PMPSP30
W-KIT-900-05Inlet & vent valve assembly for PMPF, PMPC, PMPLS & PMPSPPMPF, PMPC, PMPLS, PMPSP5
W-KIT-900-06Float & cover gasket for PMPF, PMPC, PMPLS & PMPSPPMPF, PMPC, PMPLS, PMPSP10
W-KIT-900-08Spring assembly for PMPF, PMPC, PMPLS & PMPSPPMPF, PMPC, PMPLS, PMPSP5
W-KIT-904-03PMP Head Assembly, Johnson LMV CompletePMPF, PMPC, PMPLS, PMPSP28
W-KIT-900-01New mechanism assembly for PMPBP & SSIPMPBP (4” x 4”)110
W-KIT-910-14Cover gasket for PMPBPPMPBP (4” x 4”)7
W-KIT-900-15Inlet & vent valve assembly for PMPBPPMPBP (4” x 4”)12
W-KIT-900-16Float & cover gasket for PMPBPPMPBP (4” x 4”)20
W-KIT-900-18Spring set for PMPBPPMPBP (4” x 4”)10
W-KIT-900-02New mechanism assembly for PMPBP, 150# FLGPMPBP (4” x 4”)110
W-KIT-900-07New mechanism assembly for PMPBP, 300# FLGPMPBP (4” x 4”)110
W-KIT-920-03New mechanism assembly for PMPSSPMPSS30
W-KIT-902-05Inlet & Vent Valve AssemblyPMPT, PMPTS, PMPNT, PMPSPL, PMPNTS4
W-KIT-902-06Float & Cover GasketPMPT, PMPTS, PMPNT, PMPSPL, PMPNTS5.5
W-KIT-902-08Spring AssemblyPMPT, PMPTS, PMPNT, PMPSPL, PMPNTS0.8
W-KIT-912-03Complete Pump Mechanism Assembly & GasketPMPT, PMPTS15
W-KIT-912-03SSComplete Pump Mechanism Assembly w/SS Cover & GasketPMPT, PMPTS15
W-KIT-917-03Internal Trap Assembly Mechanism & GasketPMPT, PMPTS10
W-KIT-914-03Complete Pump Mechanism Assembly & GasketPMPNT, PMPSPL, PMPNTS15
W-KIT-914-03SSComplete Pump Mechanism Assembly w/SS Cover & GasketPMPNT, PMPSPL, PMPNTS15