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455 Series

Kits and parts for all 455 Series (Direct Operated Regulator)

ModelItemSizeCase SizeFor Model
W-KIT-402-01Kits1/2", 3/4"5"455 series
W-KIT-406-01Kits1/2", 3/4"6"455 series
W-KIT-402-03Kits1"5"455 series
W-KIT-406-03Kits1"6"455 series
W-KIT-402-04Kits1 1/4"5"455 series
W-KIT-406-04Kits1 1/4"6"455 series
W-KIT-402-05Kits1 1/2"5"455 series
W-KIT-406-05Kits1 1/2"6"455 series
W-KIT-414-06Kits2"7"455 series
W-KIT-417-06Kits2"9"455 series
W-KIT-427-06Kits2"13"455 series
W-KIT-414-07Kits2 1/2"7"455 series
W-KIT-417-07Kits2 1/2"9"455 series
W-KIT-427-07Kits2 1/2"13"455 series
W-KIT-414-08Kits3"7"455 series
W-KIT-417-08Kits3"9"455 series
W-KIT-427-08Kits3"13"455 series
W-KIT-414-09Kits4"7"455 series
W-KIT-417-09Kits4"9"455 series
W-KIT-427-09Kits4"13"455 series
Product Overview
Kits Consists of:
(1) stainless steel main valve
(1) stainless steel seat ring
(1) set of stem packing
(1) pilot stem
(1) locknut
(1) gasket
(1) set of diaphragm case fasteners
(1) diaphragm