Electric Pumps

Electric Condensate Pumps

Used for general condensate return or for boiler feed applications. Available in Simplex or Duplex configurations with several different receiver sizes available.

For Boiler Feed applications, the operation of the pump is controlled by the water level control system on the boiler. When the boiler requires water, the pump switches on pumping water from the receiver into the boiler. The receiver tank also contains an internal make-up water valve actuated by a stainless steel float. If the amount of condensate being returned to the receiver tank is inadequate, additional boiler feed water is automatically added to the receiver tank.

Used for returning condensate from the facility back to the boiler room. In Condensate Return applications, the operation of the pump is controlled by a Float Switch located on the receiver tank. The pump turns on when the receiver tank is full and shuts off when emptied. Duplex units contain a Mechanical Alternator float switch to alternate operation between the two pumps.

  • Gauge Glass
  • Explosion proof motors, switches and alternators
  • NEMA Control Panels
  • Discharge check valves