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W4100 (Electric Condensate Pumps)
To learn and see more about Condensate Pumps, Please Visit the Condensate Pumps Section.

The Condensate Return Pumps (W4100 series) are equipped with Cast Iron bodies and Bronze Impellers. The pump receiver tank is made of Carbon Steel and available in Simplex or Duplex configurations.

ModelDischarge Pressure (psig)Motor (HP)Flow Rate (GPM)EDRReceiver Capacity (Gallons) (lb/hr)SystemWeight (lbs)
W4028G201/31280008Simplex System90
W4122G201/33200015Simplex System125
W4124G201/36400015Simplex System125
W4126G201/39600015Simplex System125
W4128G201/312800015Simplex System125
W41210G201/2151000030Simplex System190
W41215G201/222.51500030Simplex System190
W41220G203/4302000030Simplex System200
W41225J203/437.52500045Simplex System285
W41230J201453000045Simplex System285
W41240J201 1/2604000060Simplex System335
W41250J202755000095Simplex System385
W4122GD201/33200015Duplex System185
W4124GD201/36400015Duplex System185
W4126GD201/39600015Duplex System185
W4128GD201/312800015Duplex System185
W41210GD201/2151000030Duplex System240
W41215GD201/222.51500030Duplex System240
W41220GD203/4302000030Duplex System250
W41225JD203/437.52500045Duplex System350
W41230JD201453000045Duplex System350
W41240JD201 1/2604000060Duplex System405
W41250JD202755000095Duplex System460
W4132J301/23200015Simplex System180
W4134J301/26400015Simplex System180
W4136J301/29600015Simplex System180
W4138J301/212800015Simplex System180
W41310J303/4151000015Simplex System185
W41315J30122.51500030Simplex System230
W41320J301302000030Simplex System230
W41325J30137.52500045Simplex System285
W41330J301 1/2453000045Simplex System290
W41340J302604000060Simplex System340
W41350J303755000095Simplex System395
W4132JD301/23200015Duplex System250
W4134JD301/26400015Duplex System250
W4136JD301/29600015Duplex System250
W4138JD301/212800015Duplex System250
W41310JD303/4151000015Duplex System255
W41315JD30122.51500030Duplex System300
W41320JD301302000030Duplex System300
W41325JD30137.52500045Duplex System350
W41330JD301 1/2453000045Duplex System355
W41340JD302604000060Duplex System410
W41350JD303755000095Duplex System470
W4142J4013200015Simplex System190
W4144J4016400015Simplex System190
W4146J4019600015Simplex System190
W4148J40112800015Simplex System190
W41410J401151000015Simplex System190
W41415J401 1/222.51500030Simplex System240
W41420J401 1/2302000030Simplex System240
W41425J401 1/237.52500045Simplex System290
W41430J402453000045Simplex System295
W41440J402604000060Simplex System340
W41450J403755000095Simplex System395
W4142JD4013200015Duplex System270
W4144JD4016400015Duplex System270
W4146JD4019600015Duplex System270
W4148JD40112800015Duplex System270
W41410JD401151000015Duplex System270
W41415JD401 1/222.51500030Duplex System310
W41420JD401 1/2302000030Duplex System310
W41425JD401 1/237.52500045Duplex System355
W41430JD402453000045Duplex System360
W41440JD402604000060Duplex System410
W41450JD403755000095Duplex System470
W4152J5023200015Simplex System195
W4154J5026400015Simplex System195
W4156J5029600015Simplex System195
W4158J50212800015Simplex System195
W41510J502151000015Simplex System195
W41515J50222.51500030Simplex System245
W41520J503302000030Simplex System255
W41525J50337.52500045Simplex System305
W41530J503453000045Simplex System305
W41540J505604000060Simplex System370
W41550J505755000095Simplex System430
W4152JD5023200015Duplex System275
W4154JD5026400015Duplex System275
W4156JD5029600015Duplex System275
W4158JD50212800015Duplex System275
W41510JD502151000015Duplex System275
W41515JD50222.51500030Duplex System320
W41520JD503302000030Duplex System330
W41525JD50337.52500045Duplex System385
W41530JD503453000045Duplex System385
W41540JD505604000060Duplex System500
W41550JD505755000095Duplex System560
Product Overview
Condensate Return Pumps Used (W4100 series - carbon steel receivers) for returning condensate from the facility back to the boiler room. In Condensate Return applications, the operation of the pump is controlled by a Float Switch located on the receiver tank. The pump turns on when the receiver tank is full and shuts off when emptied. Duplex units contain a Mechanical Alternator float switch to alternate operation between the two pumps.

SIMPLEX - Float Switch is used to activate the pump.
DUPLEX - Mechanical Alternator (used in place of the Float Switch found on Simplex units) is used to cycle operation between the 2 pumps.
• Fabricated steel receivers (W4100), Cast Iron (W4200), Stainless Steel (W4300)
• Simplex and duplex packages
• Bronze-fitted centrifugal pumps
• Energy-efficient 3450 RPM motors
• Automatic venting of mechanical seal
• Ceramic pump seal with carbon face
• Heavy-duty float switch
• All steel and iron receivers over 24 gallons include a threaded NPT overflow port
How It Works
The float, which is connected to the switch assembly, rises when condensate enters the receiver tank. When the float rises above its set point, it energizes the motor on the pump. Once started, the pump will continue to run until the water level drops below the bottom position of the float switch.There it will de-energize the motor to shut off the pump. This cycle repeats as condensate begins to fill the receiver tank. On duplex systems the float switch is replaced with a Mechanical Alternator-Switch connected to a float. The Mechanical Alternator cycles use between the two pumps, allowing only one pump to run at a time under normal conditions. If the condensate reaches a high water level, both pumps will be activated.
Selection / Sizing / Capacities
• A Condensate Return Pump contains an automatic float switch in the receiver tank to activate the pump when the tank is filled and deactivate when empty.
• On Duplex units, the standard float switch is replaced with a Mechanical Alternator float switch to alternate operation between the two pumps. Must be ordered separately. An Electric Alternator is also an option.
• The capacity of the condensate return pump in Gallons Per Minute (GPM) is based on the amount of Effective Direct Radiation (EDR) in sq ft. of heating surface in the facility that the pump is expected to handle.

For Example: an EDR of 2000 sq. ft. can condense up to 500 lbs/hr of steam which translates to 1.0 GPM of condensate flow. Using a 3:1 safety factor would require a 3.0 GPM Condensate Return pump. The properly sized receiver tank that is adequate for that pump capacity is shown in the model selection chart for Condensate Return units. Larger receiver sizes are always desireable in order to cool condensate.

• Select a discharge pressure for the pump to overcome all system back pressures including frictional piping losses. Pump discharge pressures of 20-50 PSI are available. Selecting a pump with a significantly higher discharge pressure than required can cause pump to cavitate.
Dimension and Weights

Please click on individual model to see dimension.  


• Mechanical and Electrical Alternators
• Gauge Glass
• Thermometers
• Discharge Pressure Gauges
• Isolation valves
• Magnetic Starters with HOA Selector Switch
• 1750 RPM Motors
• Larger pumping capacities & higher discharge pressures
• Wide variety of control panels
• Oversized Receivers (45, 60 & 95 gallons)
• Stainless Steel Receivers
• High Temperature (250°F) Components
Installation and Maintenance
Place on an elevated, level and substantial foundation in a clean, dry and accessible area. Locate receiver tank inlet below lowest point of the condensate return lines.
Sample Specification
Pump(s) shall be of the centrifugal type with 2-piece closed bronze impeller, cast iron housing and stainless steel motor shaft. A flat perforated brass strainer shall be provided in the inlet of the pump.