HD Accessories

This is the HD Accessories section choose from a variety of accessories to enhance your HD-Series to the maximum performance.

The Series S Acoustic Diffuser incorporates a single tube with a drilled orifice pattern which reduces downstream turbulence. Noise reduction levels of 10-15 dBA can typically be achieved.

The Series OP Orifice Plate with its drilled orifice pattern is installed after the pressure regulating valve to smooth out turbulence caused by the pressure drop across the regulator. Typical noise reduction levels of 5-10 dBA; higher possible. Manufactured from SA-105 Carbon Steel, 304 SST, or 316 SST.

The Series H Acoustic Silencer incorporates a dual diffuser tube design. The inner tube has a drilled orifice pattern and the outer tube contains an integral layer of sound absorbing insulation. Noise reduction levels of 20-30 dBA can typically be achieved.

The Series INSUL Thermal Insulation Jacket is designed to fit and be used on the HD Series Pilot-Operated Regulating Valve. This jacket provides insulation to minimize heat energy losses. The jacket thickness and materials of construction can also help to reduce noise when installed on the HD Series Regulator. Noise Reduction Capability: 0-5 dBA

PL is remote control panel boards. This accessory is being used in conjunction with the PA - Air Pilot to regulate steam pressure. There are 3 different options as PL1, PL2, and PL3. Supply Air is fed directly through the panel board to the air pilot. Minimum of 5 PSIG air supply pressure is REQUIRED.

The BADAPTER (as shown in image) is required when two or more pilots are used on the same valve, an additional Pilot Adapter for Second Pilot is required (not required for Solenoid Pilot).
The BAP-SPACE is a spacer and is required for these pilots: PBP5, PP5, PA-4, or PA-6 on 3" or 4" HD-Main Valve for more