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Connection description:-
1. TC is Tri-Clamp
2. TW is Tube Weld
3. NP is Threaded, NPT

Example: TC x NPT means Inlet x Outlet

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FDA500 Thermostatic Clean Steam

FDA500 Dimensions

DRIP, PROCESS: The FDA500 Series thermostatic steam traps are used on clean steam applications as drip traps on piping runs as well as drainage for CIP/SIP systems and various process vessels.

ModelSizeTypeMax PMO (psig)Weight (lbs)
FDA500-12-TCNP1/2"TC x NPT902
FDA500-13-TCNP3/4"TC x NPT902
FDA500-14-TCTC1"TC x TC902.25
FDA510-12-TCNP1/2"TC x NPT902.25
FDA500-16-TCTC1 1/2"TC x TC902.25
FDA510-16-TCTC1 1/2"TC x TC902.25
FDA510-14-TCNP1"TC x NPT902.25
FDA510-14-TCTC1"TC x TC902.25
FDA500-12-TCTC1/2"TC x TC902
FDA500-12-TWTW1/2"TW x TW902.25
FDA500-13-TCTC3/4"TC x TC902
FDA500-14-TCNP1"TC x NPT902.25
FDA510-12-TCTC1/2"TC x TC902
FDA510-12-TWTW1/2"TW x TW902.25
FDA510-13-TCNP3/4"TC x NPT902.25
FDA510-13-TCTC3/4"TC x TC902
Product Overview
DRIP, PROCESS: FDA500 Series thermostatic clean steam traps are used in clean steam applications as drip traps on piping runs as well as for drainage for CIP/SIP  systems and various process vessels. Available with 2°F sub-cool bellows.
• All wetted parts are 316L stainless steel
• Electro-polish finish of 20-25 microinches RA on internal surfaces of body. Consult factory for 15RA max surface finish option.
• Electro-polish finish of 25-32 microinches RA on external surfaces of body
• Operates close to saturation curve to minimize condensate back-up
• Completely self-draining in the vertical downward flow orientation
How It Works
This trap contains a welded 316L stainless steel thermal element that expands when heated and contracts when cooled. When air and sub-cooled condensate are  present, the trap is in an open discharge position. When steam reaches the trap, the element expands, closing the trap tightly.
Selection / Sizing / Capacities

The steam Trap shall be all 316L stainless steel thermostatic type with a balanced pressure bellows that operates close to saturated steam temperatures. Internal body parts shall have an electro-polish finish of 20-25 microinches RA internally and a 25-32 finish externally. The unit shall have a split-body sanitary clamp design for easy maintenance. Trap shall be completely self-draining when mounted vertically.

Note:  Capacities at 10ºF below saturation.
Dimension and Weights