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Connection description:-
1. TC is Tri-Clamp
2. TW is Tube Weld
3. NP is Threaded, NPT

Example: TC x NPT means Inlet x Outlet

Connection Type

Operating Condition
Condensate Load  

FDA800 Thermostatic Clean Steam

FDA800 Dimensions

DRIP, PROCESS: The FDA 800 Series Thermodynamic Clean Steam Traps are used in sanitary systems as drip traps on steam mains as well as for drainage on various process vessels such as separators and filters.


ModelSizeTypeMax PMO (psig)Weight (lbs)
FDA800-12-NPNP1/2"NPT x NPT1501.5
FDA800-12-TCTC1/2"TC x TC1501.5
FDA800-12-TWTW1/2"TW x TW1501.5
Product Overview
DRIP: The FDA800 Series thermodynamic clean steam traps are used as drip traps on steam mains in CIP/SIP systems and drainage for separators and filters.
• Small and compact
• All 316L stainless steel components
• Works in any position (horizontal preferred)
How It Works
Using the thermodynamic properties of flash steam, this trap features a disc that is pushed open by incoming condensate, then closes tightly when steam enters the trap. Because it normally operates in an open position, condensate is continuously discharged from the line. Steam entering the trap creates an internal pressure that forces the valve to close tightly, preventing the steam from escaping.
Selection / Sizing / Capacities

The steam traps shall e a thermodynamic disc type with an all 316L stainless steel construction and integral seat design. Unit shall be capable of installation in any orientation and self-draining whern munted vertically

?Note: Maximum back pressure not to exceed 80% of inlet pressure. 
Dimension and Weights