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TD3600 Thermodynamic Steam Trap

DRIP: The TD3600 Thermodynamic steam trap is commonly used as a drip trap on high-pressure steam mains and steam supply lines. Supplied with an integral strainer to protect the trap from contamination. The internal working mechanism of the TD3600 can be completely replaced while the trap body remains in line. Ideal for outdoor applications that are subject to freezing and for super heated steam conditions.

ModelSizeTypeMax PMO (psig)Max Capacity @ Max PMO (lb/hr)
TD3600-12-SW1/2"Socket Weld3600
TD3600-13-SW3/4"Socket Weld3600
TD3600-14-SW1"Socket Weld3600
TD3600-12-BW1/2"Butt Weld3600
TD3600-13-BW3/4"Butt Weld3600
TD3600-14-BW1"Butt Weld3600
TD3600-12-F6001/2"600# FLG3600
TD3600-13-F6003/4"600# FLG3600
TD3600-14-F6001"600# FLG3600
TD3600-12-F15001/2"1500# FLG3600
TD3600-13-F15003/4"1500# FLG3600
TD3600-14-F15001"1500# FLG3600
Product Overview
DRIP: TD3600 model steam traps are designed to handle the drainage of condensate from extremely high pressure systems, and are commonly used as drip traps on high-pressure steam mains and steam supply lines. These traps are suitable for outdoor applications that are subject to freezing as well as superheated steam conditions. The complete internal working mechanism can be completely replaced while the trap body remains in line.
• “Quick-Change” seat and disc for easy in-line repair
• High pressure applications up to 3600 PSIG
• Integral strainer to protect trap from contamination
• Hardened stainless steel seat and disc for extended service life even at extremely high pressures
• Steam trap model will operate over the entire pressure range (100-3600 PSIG)
• Suitable for superheated steam
• Freezeproof when trap is piped in a vertical orientation for complete drainage of condensate
• Trap will function in any orientation (horizontal preferred)
How It Works
The disc is the only moving part inside a thermodynamic trap. When steam enters the trap, it creates an internal pressure above the disc that instantly forces the disc to close tightly on the seat, preventing the steam from escaping. The internal steam pressure (holding the disc and seat shut) eventually drops, and the trap re-opens. When condensate enters the trap, it pushes the disc upwards, allowing the condensate to freely discharge. If steam is present, the trap instantly shuts.
Selection / Sizing / Capacities
This trap was designed for handling the drainage of condensate from EXTREMELY HIGH PRESSURE systems, with a maximum operating pressure of 3600 PSIG. The TD3600 is available in Socket Weld, Butt Weld and Flange connections from 1/2” through 1”. Select working pressure; follow column down to correct capacity (lbs/hr) block.

Application: 380 lbs/hr at 1000 PSIG working inlet pressure
Size/Model: TD3600, Specify pipe size and connections (BW, SW, 600# FLG, 1500# FLG )
Notes:   1) Maximum back pressure not to exceed 50% of inlet pressure (measured in absolute pressure) or trap may not close.
2) Add note about other connections.
Dimension and Weights
25 lbs.
Installation and Maintenance
The TD3600 can be installed in any orientation; however, with cap facing upward is preferred for longest service life. For maintenance, ALL internal components are easily removed and completely changed using a replacement kit. The TD3600 contains an integral high pressure sintered strainer for protection against dirt and scale.
Sample Specification
The steam trap shall be a thermodynamic style with body material in forged alloy steel. Available in size 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” Socket Weld, Butt Weld ends or ANSI 600# &1500# RF flanged connections. Unit shall have hardened repairable stainless steel seat and disc with a removable stainless steel sintered strainer.