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Steam Lock Release - When a trap is installed above the discharge of the process, the trap can be locked due to trapped steam in the piping. To help eliminate this requires an optional steam lock release mechanism.

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Blowdown Valve - An optional valve that allows the flushing of dirt and scale during operation.

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WT4000 Thermostatic Steam Trap

PROCESS: The WT4000* thermostatic steam trap is used for industrial process applications. Their compact size, all stainless steel construction,excellent air handling capability and wide operating pressure range make them a great choice for most process applications. Thermostatic traps are far superior to bucket traps and thermodynamic disc traps in their ability to remove air from the system.

* WT4001 refer to 5/16" orifice size, WT4003 refer to 7/16" orifice size. 

ModelSizeTypeOrifice SizeMax PMO (psig)Max Capacity @ Max PMO (lb/hr)Options
WT4001-13-SW3/4"Socket Weld5/16"300
WT4001-14-SW1"Socket Weld5/16"300
WT4001S-13-SW3/4"Socket Weld5/16"300Strainer
WT4001S-14-SW1"Socket Weld5/16"300Strainer
WT4003-13-SW3/4"Socket Weld7/16"300
WT4003-14-SW1"Socket Weld7/16"300
WT4003S-13-SW3/4"Socket Weld7/16"300Strainer
WT4003S-14-SW1"Socket Weld7/16"300Strainer
WT4001-13-F1503/4"150# FLG5/16"300
WT4001-14-F1501"150# FLG5/16"300
WT4001S-13-F1503/4"150# FLG5/16"300Strainer
WT4001S-14-F1501"150# FLG5/16"300Strainer
WT4003-13-F1503/4"150# FLG7/16"300
WT4003-14-F1501"150# FLG7/16"300
WT4003S-13-F1503/4"150# FLG7/16"300Strainer
WT4003S-14-F1501"150# FLG7/16"300Strainer
WT4001-13-F3003/4"300# FLG5/16"300
WT4001-14-F3001"300# FLG5/16"300
WT4001S-13-F3003/4"300# FLG5/16"300Strainer
WT4001S-14-F3001"300# FLG5/16"300Strainer
WT4003-13-F3003/4"300# FLG7/16"300
WT4003-14-F3001"300# FLG7/16"300
WT4003S-13-F3003/4"300# FLG7/16"300Strainer
WT4003S-14-F3001"300# FLG7/16"300Strainer
Product Overview
PROCESS: The WT4000 is a high capacity version of the WT3000, for removing condensate and air from larger process applications. This steam trap is fully repairable  while the body remains in-line. Like all thermostatic traps, they are small, light weight, operate over a wide pressure range, and have excellent air handling  capabilities. Discharging air at start-up allows steam to quickly enter the system. All stainless steel construction and integral strainer option make the WT4000 an  excellent choice for most process applications. Contains an extremely strong and rugged precision welded Stainless Steel thermal element which is highly resistant to water hammer.
• The thermal element and seat can be easily removed and replaced in minutes with the trap body still in-line
• Operates at steam pressures up to 300 PSIG
• Thermostatic traps are excellent at discharging air, which allows steam to enter quickly; extremely important during start-up
• Welded stainless steel thermal element resists shock from water hammer
• Freeze proof when the trap is installed in a vertical orientation allowing for complete condensate drainage
• Body is produced from stainless steel investment casting
• Hardened stainless steel seat for extended service life
• Available with integral strainer and blowdown valve
How It Works
This thermostatic trap contains a welded stainless steel thermal element that expands when heated and contracts when cooled to 5°F below saturated steam temperature.  When air or sub-cooled condensate are present, the trap is in the open discharge position. When steam reaches the trap, the element expands and closes off tightly.
Selection / Sizing / Capacities
Two orifice sizes are available: 7/16” standard capacity and 5/16” reduced capacity. Select these models for steam systems with maximum working pressure of 300 PSIG. Refer to the Capacity Chart to determine which model, the WT4001 or WT4003 is required to satisfy the condensate load based on steam inlet pressure.

S = Strainer (WT4001S)
SB = Strainer and blowdown valve (WT4001SB)

Application: 5610 lbs/hr at 100 PSIG steam inlet pressure
Size/Model: WT4001S, 5/16” orifice, and strainer. Specify size & connections (NPT, SW, FLG)

Example Model Codes:
WT4001S-13-N    3/4”  NPT with strainer, and 5/16” orifice
WT4003SB-14-N 1”     NPT with strainer and blowdown valve,7/16” orifice

Dimension and Weights
4.5 lbs.

Special available: 

SLR = Steam lock release

Customized flanged connections: Specify size, face-to-face dimensions.

Installation and Maintenance
Trap can be installed in any orientation. All internal working components are extremely easy to replace and can be performed while the trap body remains connected  in-line. Repair kit includes ALL parts to fully rebuild the steam trap including thermal element, seat and gasket. The WT4000 does not contain a strainer. The WT4000S  contains a strainer. WT4000SB contains a blowdown valve for flushing dirt and scale from strainer.
Sample Specification
The steam trap shall be of thermostatic type with stainless steel body, thermal element, and internal strainer. Trap must be in-line repairable with a bolt-on type cover  that is sealed with a spiral wound Stainless Steel AISI 316 gasket. Seat and valve to be hardened stainless steel.